Technical document store containing product labels, datasheets, minimum residue levels, training material and more.

Farm Information

Capture clients, contacts, farms, farm areas, crop information.

Farm Assessments

Agents can perform farm assessments, capture problem information with photos while also storing GPS locations.


Agents can create recommendations for clients and send it to them via our email service or simply sharing it from their device.


Agents can save frequently used chemical combinations as a recipe to be easily re-used.

Product Setup

Agents can setup their core products, set cost, margin and withholding periods.

Work Offline

Capture and access your data offline in places where there is no connectivity.


Send your data to our servers as backup and synchronize between multiple devices.

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InteliGro offers a combination of products, skills, technology and expertise through specific programmes and applications to ensure sustainable agriculture. The core business of InteliGro is to supply producers with the necessary tools enabling them to achieve their objectives for sustainable farming.

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